Saturday, March 14, 2009

If you can't beat them...

trick 'em!!

I mentioned Kip's first exposure to kidneys recently - it didn't go very well, funny as it was. Tonight, it was liver's turn. So, I thought I would add value to the liver, by turning it into a treat.

Yes, I cut up a few ounces of liver into smaller chunks, then stuffed the chunks into Kip's kong.

By the way, the kong is the purveyor of All Good Things.

Then, I made it even better - by putting the kong on the counter, and working with Kip for a few minutes, heeling around the house and practicing long sits.

It worked a treat, pun intended.

Liver has never disappeared so quickly!

I have to try this with kidneys, to see if it's fail-proof.

Now excuse me - I have to go wash out a kong...

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