Friday, April 2, 2010

Nothing much going on...

Things are fine in our little raw world.  Katy's eating beef now, again with absolutely NO issues, which is fantastic.  And let me tell you, she LOVES her food.  She's still eating in her kennel (while Kip eats in the kitchen) and when I tell her to "kennel up", she gets so excited, she literally spins her way into it.  Silly girl!  I have to try to get a video one of these days.

I don't know if she's lost any weight or not, but I'm going to call the vet next week, and see if I can bring her in just to get weighed.  And now that the nice weather is here, we should be more active, which will help move those extra pounds. 

The one thing we do have to work on is her food "aggression".  It happens with toys as well - if she has something in her mouth, she will NOT give it up.

When this issue comes up on many on-line dog fora, I often see advice given along the lines of "it's their food, they deserve to eat it in peace and quite, and it's their right to defend it".

I couldn't disagree more.

I got Kip as a puppy, and one thing I worked on was being able to take anything out of his mouth at any time, for any reason (along with "Drop it", of course). 

It's not some control thing, it's not about being "dominant",  it's not about being mean - it's 100% about being able to safely remove something from your dog's mouth that could possibly harm them if they were allowed to eat it.

And so I will be working on this with Katy.  It will also help with eventually being able to feed them both in the kitchen, un-crated, without her stealing Kip's food, which she will do now, and he just lets her, the wimp :)

So yeah, there's not much going on here right now.  Makes for a boring blog, but a nice calm life!

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