Friday, April 3, 2009

Things I've learned so far

1. Teaching your dog to take all of his treats on his pillow DOES NOT work for raw food. Note to self - start feeding in the crate, and wash the pillow covering. In hot water. With bleach. Then throw it away.

2. Egg shells are fun. Fun to lick out. Fun to chomp into tiny little pieces. And fun to leave scattered about the carpet. Note to self - eggs with shells are now outside food.

3. You get really strange looks from the check-out clerk when you buy ~$30 worth of meat - and nothing else. Especially when half of it consists of heart, liver and kidney.

4. Seeing beef roast on sale at $1.99/lb gives you a warm tingly feeling. Note to self - must really look into getting a real freezer soon.

5. You start to look at roadkill in a slightly different way...

6. Kibble breath is not a problem anymore. (But sardine breath isn't that great of a replacement - fortunately, it's temporary.)

7. You also get really strange looks from people when you tell them you feed raw.

8. And it's frustrating when you explain all the reasoning, the fact that it is no more expensive than good quality kibble, etc., and they still think you are "spoiling" your dog.

9. My parents surprised me though - it does help that they have a cat that kills and eats anything he can.

10. It's a lot easier that I was expecting!


  1. Re: #1~
    We were taught to feast on a cheap nylon table cloth that mom sprays and wipes down after our bone-in meals, then folds up and puts in the cabinet. If I don't feast on there, my meatines gets taken away! After one escape attempt I learned quickly that in order to feast I must stay on the mat. Totally worth it!

  2. Thanks for the tip! I'll have to try that. And tell your Mom that I enjoy reading about you and your brother!!