Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Small things make me happy

Kip is getting a bit thin, so I gave him an egg today in addition to his normal meat, and before I fed it to him, I had a bright idea - mush up a organ meatball into it, since it's still hit-or-miss if he eats them on their own. The result - a perfectly clean bowl, and no vomit - yippee!!

So, until the "organballs" are gone, I think that's how he'll get his daily allotment. And the egg should be good for his coat too.

Yes, it's a small thing, but it's amazing how happy you get when you finally figure out how to get your dog to eat something!


  1. We're hoping that egg sat okay... raw eggs give us bum explosions! But if you can tolerate them, it's awfully fun to get a whole raw egg to play with. It's like a puzzle. A messy puzzle. Making a mess is awesome!

    If you're heading too far down on the beastliness scale, we recommend upping your meat portions by an ounce until things have leveled off. We started out feasting at 2.5% our weight (current weight for Big Pupi, ideal weight for me since I was skin and bones). As time went on, we had to adjust that amount - Big Pupi now gets 3.5% and I'm fed a whopping 4+%. That doesn't even include our post-exercise sardine snackies. The 2.5% is just an average and a guideline for new raw feeders, but your body might need more.

    So... eggs are a great help in weight gain, but they're not a permanent fix. Meat is what'll do the trick in the long run for maintenance. But, eggs are certainly a healthy addition so if you're loving them, then keep 'em coming! Cottage cheese is also a good calorie and protein/calcium boost. That one's our favorite!

  2. Thanks for the help Stanislaw! Kip is lucky - there isn't much that gives him cannonbutt!

    I haven't given him a whole egg yet - that's definitely an outside game!!

    We are up to ~3% now, and I'll see how that goes.