Monday, February 16, 2009

In the beginning...

I am going to do it.

I've read, I've researched, I've thought, I've listened, I've weighed pros and cons, and, I've finally decided.

No more kibble for Kip. Well, no more once this bag is gone. We are going raw. Okay, okay, Kip is going raw. I still prefer my meat a little more well done.

I'm scared of screwing up.

I'm scared of harming Kip.

I'm scared of becoming a crazy dog lady.

But, I'm tired of researching dog foods, and debating protein levels, and to rotate or not to rotate, and if grains are good, bad or just ugly. And then finding one I like, paying through the nose for it - and hoping it's not part of a recall or lawsuit before the bag is finished.

I'm tired of not trusting the food I am giving my dog.

Dogs have existed on raw food and table scraps for thousands of years. They have existed on kibble for ~50 years. And I do realize the advancements science has made into canine nutrition. But... there seems to be more and more dogs out there with food and allergy issues. Can we attribute all of those to processed dog food? No. But there has to be some link between them. Do I think everyone should feed raw? No. I think everyone should do what they think is best for their dog, and, more importantly, what they can afford to do.

I fed Kip Iams for the first year of his life. I then switched to a higher grade food- and saw a remarkable improvement in his coat condition. I see this as just another step in trying to make sure Kip is as healthy as can be.

There may be issues. Schnauzers are known for two things - bad teeth, and being prone to pancreatitis. I hope that feeding raw will keep his teeth healthy, and that, as long as I watch the fat levels, pancreatitis won't be a problem.

This blog will, in part I hope, prevent me from going any further down the "crazy dog lady" path. That way, interested parties can follow our raw adventures - and those that think I'm already too far down the "crazy dog lady" road can choose to point and laugh instead ;-)

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